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I had a problem with my spotlights or something, and Mister Electric came the same day and fixed it for me. They told me that the ones in the back would need new ones, and they changed everything for me. It was good. It seems to me like they’re more experienced than the other ones. I’d rate them as an excellent A.

I’m washing clothes again. They fixed the outlets in that area because we were scared to use them. The workers were courteous and efficient. The insurance company for my electrical equipment chose them, but I was pleased that they came because I just had some work done by them, and they’d done an excellent job. They deserve an A+ grade.

I asked Mister Electric to put a bunch of outlets and stuff in, and they were excellent. They did the work that I asked, and they did it right.

We use them for electrical. It turned out that they did a really good job wiring our home when they built it, so it didn’t really need anything. There are no communication issues. They really just inspect, and if there is something wrong, they can tell you how to fix it. I’d give them an A.

I think they installed an updraft fan on the chimney. We heard about the company through the guy who sold us the fan. It was excellent work.

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(1) remove and blank off smoke detecitor above stair well - (awkward location) (2) install new smoke detector in mor convenient loaction (3) replace fault rheostat for chandilier (4) evaluate and possibly repair/replace attic fan and/or temperature sensor for attic fan that is not running

Paul O

Replace electrical outlet in bathroom with GFCI electrical outlet. (The previous old GFCI outlet wasn't working, and has been removed.)

Phil W

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