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Recent Customer Requests for Electrician

Install ceiling fan in (3) rooms (previously installed; but uses "remote" and would prefer to be hard wired)

Mark B

1. Need outlet installed in unfinished space

2. Need Light fixture installed in unfinished space

3. Need Grounded outlet installed in laundry area

Sarah B

I need to get an interval timer wired to a regenerative blower for my aerobic septic system.

Chris F

Replacing long disconnected electrical system in small residential home with new utility service. Seeking quote for weatherhead/utility entrance and meter receptacle to main fuse box.

Jesse J

Breaker keeps tripping from microwave turn on. Turns off kitchen lights, small appliance outlets, and my computer in living room. Tried turning off/on breaker multiple times today - still can't turn on kitchen lights.

Frederica C

We have a number of small projects that need attention as well as two or three probably larger ones: 1) Outside lamppost has quite working. I believe the interior switch needs replacing. 2) Light in utility room, switch broken 3) Pool Light needs repair. We had some work done on the pool and noticed that when the light was on there was a small electric charge in the watrer around it. It has since been disconncted. 4) Hall light switch may been replacing Larger issues: 1) Whenever our dryer or dishwasher is on, lights in the house flicker when they change cycles. On the plumbing side: 1) Sump pump is not functioning. 2) Upstairs shower either has a leak or some other issue that has created a leak in the ceiling below. 

Grant J

1. Low voltage kitchen counter lights not working. Suspect transformer box in basement is at fault. 2. Electric double oven in kitchen went dark. Want to have 50 amp circuit breaker checked before spending $2,500 on a new unit.

John H

I have a 1954 built 1,100 square foot home that needs an updated exterior electric panel. Work needs to be done in 3 weeks. Thanks!

Bob S

I would like to get a new electric service box put in: moving to 110 to 200 amps and install of a 220 line for stove

Sidney P

Need electrical wiring and Fuse box

Nigel P

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Electrician Washington, District Of Columbia

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